Tree removal can be a hazardous job in the hands of an amateur, especially trees that are close to your home, wires or that have defects and then there is always storm damage.

Barts Tree Service is a family owned and operated business out of Danbury CT with 7 years of experience removing trees from delicate or seemingly inaccessible locations. At Bart’s we provide many services for jobs large and small while always guaranteeing our signature impeccable clean-up that sets us apart from all other tree companies and leaves each job site looking better than we found it.

Tree Removel

Tree removal can be a necessary part of a sound landscape management program. At Barts removal is normally thought of as the last resort, but many trees must be removed for safety and to make way for younger healthier landscape plantings. Often trees are located too close to your house which can cause roof damage, leaky gutters and roof or siding damage which necessitates removal.

We will discuss the safest method of removing your tree and provide a free estimate for each job.

Tree removal options to consider:
Can branches and limbs be chipped into a pile for the client to use or chipped into the woods?
Will client clean-up after tree has been fell and cut up?
Leave firewood logs on site for client to split or remove?
Will the stump be ground away?

Tree Pruning
Remove diseased, dead or storm-damaged branches
Thin the crown, permitting new growth and better air circulation
Reduce the height of the tree
Remove obstructing lower branches
Shape a tree for visual aesthetics
To see detailed description of pruning practices please click here

Barts Tree Service has a long standing reputation for quality work, quick response, and reasonable rates. Our tree company is always available for all of your tree care needs and is licensed (HIC #0625619) (Arborist #S-6028) and fully insured.

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Posted Sunday, July 7th, 2013