Do you have more than one computer in your residence? Are they all able to connect to the Internet at the same time? Do you have a notebook computer? Still paying high phone bills?, Got Handyman Cams.?, Looking to go wireless?

Yes, the NYC-Handyman is also an electronics geek specializing in wired and wireless network systems and residential pc-disk-camera cellular security.

Let the NYC-Handyman assist you with hi-tech hassles you cant handle. From Window Cleaning to Microsoft Windows NYC-Handyman can do it all.
Let the NYC-Handyman assist you on setting up a network in your city residence to allow you to have:
File and Printer Sharing between all computers
Laptop mobility with a wireless connection
All home computer devices connected to the Internet
Wireless PC-Camera, cellular coupled security connections
VOIP phone systems with PC-Laptop mobile connections

Today, cable and DSL service and other high speed options are making their way through every dwelling in the country. If you are like most people, you may have more than one computer, maybe an additional notebook for traveling or going to and from the office, a cell phone, a PDA and probably a music – video system. Making all these devices work together and share information is what is now called a residential gateway.
Wireless connections are a fantastic way to go if you are renting, wiring a particular location is sometimes labor intensive and, of course, if you have a laptop there is nothing more convenient than being able to check email and browse the web from your living room, the outdoor patio, or sitting in the bedroom. Whether your running the good old Windows 98 , NT2000, XP, Windows Vista machines, Palm Pilots or that high-end Music – Video Server. We can probably help you to get more out of your home network and hi-tech equipment.

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Posted Monday, July 8th, 2013